Chasing Dreams

I belong where earth invites growth. Where shadow spreads the coiled soul. I belong under a musing sky. Under shed skin of nimble cloud. Yesterday I took a wonderful class walking a Chartres Labyrinth. It gave revelation besides the release of ill thoughts. Walking on clouds, back to my car, I reached down to pickContinue reading “Chasing Dreams”

In Desperation

In a desperate attempt to find myself, I appear a mess. And that mess includes a home full of rooms and a collections of things. Ideas endlessly scattered. Everywhere. So where have I been? Trying to find me. Editing my physical, emotional and spiritual self. I still haven’t quite found what I was hoping toContinue reading “In Desperation”

Taking on the world. (October 2018)

of late i recognize not the girl in a mirror looking distraught i should be progressing but my mind rattles. here, sit awhile, i promise not to startle… then off i dawdle to find some words, express my heart though rather curt i sought me lost along the way… oh, but i found amusing visionsContinue reading “Taking on the world. (October 2018)”

Goals for 2019 and other musings…

Popping on to WP… to say HI! And to give everyone who follows my blog an update as to what I HOPE happens in 2019. First, and foremost, I have missed all of you lovely poets, artists and dreamers… HOPE you are well and busy as my world has been quite busy too. Beyond movingContinue reading “Goals for 2019 and other musings…”

As if!! (wanderlust)

I don’t need all the anger from either side… so i go my own way. As I dally along, I feel their hot air suffocate my pores. Melt my peace. My mind is more twisted than my intestines these days. So I find a cool place in the shade and breathe out the bullshit andContinue reading “As if!! (wanderlust)”

Hate on me… i lied

What am i doing here this morning? Did i not say i was gone from WP? Well a thought entered my head after reading a post in a closed group i belong to on FB… and decided to share here as well. So, what is the group? Survivors of Suicide. A group i did notContinue reading “Hate on me… i lied”

Wasting time or time wasting away…

i will be game… and play so thank you to Philosophy Through Photography Life is a series of riddles i propose to catch the color sphere children born of wild dreams this wasting time or is time wasting me away -again… (jeanne 9/19/2018) Lightning crashes a new mother cries Her placenta falls to the floorContinue reading “Wasting time or time wasting away…”


Home is always where i am at the moment. Then back to a routine. Wake up (no more early, summer-shiny mornings here in Massachusetts) make the coffee, pick up my pen and paper, drink three cups of that caffeine and sugary cream… it feels like a new beginning today. Everyday is technically a new beginning.Continue reading “Home”

personal musings unleashed…

I see far too many people who are not thinking… and well i have to turn away and protect my thoughts. composting logic reality forced anger paths burdened with tears My religious views are Work-in-Progress and my political views are Independent. I am a free thinker who will listen and either agree or disagree withContinue reading “personal musings unleashed…”