In midday
bounce off the leaves
sparkling in shades of jade.

The comfort
of branches
light dancing in and on
her hidden face.

For you (for me)

When your best
is (never) good enough
how others live
notice pockets of sunshine
entering the room

with the curtains drawn.
Mind you, this life
isn’t your life
and you think
you’ve seen enough

try a smile.
Do it
all for you.
Do it
all for me.
To life!

(For Anna and others struggling with depression. 5/17/2017)

H2O Haiku workshop

Spent Mother’s Day with my daughter at Clifty Falls State Park (yes that video clip is Clifty Falls). Joyce Brinkman, Indiana poet laureate from 2002-2008, held a productive haiku workshop after a 1 mile hike.

Here are our collaborative Haikus…

lilac reflections
mid-stream, purposefully clear
life decisions made (us three)

time moving forward
sunlit trees sway in song
yellow music fades (us three)

youthful valley falls
verdant leaves drink from the cup
people pause to sup (me)

turkey struts along
rabbit reclines in the shade
vigilant mothers (me)

rainbow water falls
marching backward throughout time
ripples in the stream(jeff)

i whispered
and my words
no longer home
dangling in the leaves
blowing on the breeze
catching the midnight hour.

Who can handle the ocean tide on a full moon night? The dancing reflections on the surface paints a figure. The shadows lightened by the glow of a smile, her tendril heart watches over the sea kelp beds.

Is it the early
gray morning
that produces the melancholy
between midnight and 1am?

The stars
and cheer you
while i waste away
in this body of blue.

No one here ever expects the truth. The siren song subdued.

Tracing the river’s flow
digging through
the sediment, walking
past the memories
buried in her head.

In there, years are relived as minutes of agony.

Chester (Lucy & Louie)

Over the past few weeks Toby and Chester have made themselves at home in my garden, now their playground.  Lucy and Louie have graciously accepted the “cat’s” presence and everyone respects each others space.  No one trespasses against another.

The gang hung out in my “promise gardens” yesterday enjoying the coming and goings.  Chester coyly saddled up beside me, purring as a token of his affection.  He felt comfortable enough to roll over for a belly rub.  He let me know when he had had enough, I put off by his rebuff.

Toby was awol for the day and towards evening crawled up to his brother.  They nuzzled long enough to know each intention.  I joined in; the sun burning, the smell of lilac intoxicating, the company peaceful.  A cat sleeping is almost an angel.

This writing life, J