Roots (questions)

A feminist as Virginia Woolf?
I should say
my concern is not
as you think I should be
rather, I climb the hayloft to dream
passing cautiously
the tangled bull cow
desperate to be free.
A Room of One’s Own
she declares
I hardly agree
despite this venturous
solitude of heart
only room for words
fictive and unconventional.
So which am I?
I suppose
I garner to know
more than my acquaintence cares
each walking briskly -past
as an autumn leaf
we turn to be and become.

Nothing inside
a corpse of loss
struggling to name
this nothing
-frayed edges and needle pricks and clawed thoughts

you left me
afraid of the dark
you know -knew
you would leave me this way

ive seen it all before
corpses with beating hearts
left to bleed out -alone.

Some thoughts before…

Heading to Santa Fe
to study -poetry
in the dirt, sky and man

reading V. Woolf -Atwood
wondering if anything lies within me
to surrender
in words
this extracted life in 2-dimensions

yes -still perplexed
by fear
fear of living
sidelined -choking

and Leonard
her husband calls her critics
less sophisticated
-hmmph, he shuts a voice down
while she belittles
Rossetti, Mansfield & Browning.

while she may have
a place to complain
-be irritated
her critics stand shoulder-to-shoulder
on their ladders

Oh, yes!
today is another day
to work
just -let it all out
this quietedvoice
is stronger than all others.

Happy to spend July 28-August 5 with Gina Franco and a class of peers looking to refine who we are as writers.

Just -yes just another day to be.

Roots (community)

In a sea
lost in a wave
brought under
and through
stands in the center
of a whirlpool.

where two
or more
are gathered
the heart
to save
humanity’s treasure.


Sense the stars falling, they sparkle just for you.

If i stop reading
my words run dry
your river undeniably
a refuge
i witness the rise and fall.