Well, at least I can save myself! I am a princess after all. A child of the King of kings! I cannot convince anyone of my claims to know my Savior. The truth is foolishness to those who are blind. What if you just BELIEVED! What miracles could be manifest? Answers.

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abide in me

two weeks until I hear waiting to know my fate Helpless to change my destiny. It is written. It is. Menopause was suppose to free me Jesus says* “Abide in me… let my words abide in you,” This valley is familiar, Lord the trees have grown See the climb ahead How will I spend each…

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Holy Imagination, People!

“Perhaps I write for no one. Perhaps for the same person children are writing for when they scrawl their names in the snow.” – Margaret Atwood From an early age, I remember thinking I could write. Curly q’s and flying w’s donned blank pages. I wondered why nobody could understand what I was trying to…

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sacred space (H is for Heaven)

the solitude of the moment the  quietness in the air words are harnessed and written down knowing i am almost there amongst the trees and water where  birds and crickets share the rainbow hangs above the clouds the sacred is here H is for heaven. No I have not been there. Many claim to have…

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Crack in the Sidewalk

Do you suppose we have found a way that super cedes all other ways? Do you suppose the crack in the sidewalk will keep cracking? I suppose I will need to think about that before I can answer! ©jeannelizabeth I googled Crack in the Sidewalk and found many poems and a book with the same…

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The place we all begin

Love is at the starting line The place we all begin. What waits for us at the finish line Is what we all wonder? For some it is fame and others it is death. For me I place my hope on eternity. The place I hang my hat upon my knees bent in remorse. For all…

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