woods to myself a disciplined dancer knowing a poet veer to his path stumble along flounder land a fish learn the ropes always get up again There are days of being lost in the woods, not knowing the fate, but just being a wanderer – That’s life -Anonymous My truth at the moment… the freedom…

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Does it bother -you or me the way tinsel hangs on the tree or static waves -adjust cling us to every thing and then we discuss? i wonder where i am going with this poem? It hit me… wham! while brewing the morning coffee. It feels unfinished. Perhaps i do have more planned days ahead……

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bullshit and bile

In everyone’s “I’m not going to be phony, phoniness… ” Ah, I just need to gripe to someone. I can feel the volcanic ash rising. I’ve been burnt… smoldering for years. I need to release the trash compiled… hidden in recesses and crevices and tunnels. Cut the crap! Get to the point! I leaf through…

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fringe of society

their tentacles are woven into my brain… yours too? how do i know? i traced the lines attached to the train, i rode into the city to witness The Art and the crude reality while free-falling floating on the fringe of society and fog there, i rested outside of time in the middle of a…

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better days

each breath joins the next yet… i am a seed -burnt thrown aside guts torn out and in secret you gloat at my ruin to wither in concrete my soiled mind turnt bitter what became of us and better days jealous rage and infernos beamed high in soot -i cry yet each breath joins the…

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Disclaimer: This post is from three weeks ago. Whether i agree or disagree with these thoughts today or tomorrow… well, they happened. And i write them down, for good or bad. My words and I, we belong to each other, united in this marriage for the long haul. Good luck to me… right? I know…

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do you fear he understands keep walking don’t let it end this way from where he comes to seek good your soul undone the thickness -sick coats his tongue ripe and sweet lies of deceit his idea of trick and treat

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