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Double Vision

The windows acted as mirrors while I took these photographs at the Central Library, Downtown Indianapolis. The Festival of Lights tree was still lit as pictured in the second photo.

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The then small, insignificant step

toward the giant leap in understanding man.

That was the path she beckoned.

It curved away from the light

and fear began to well up inside.

Depression crippled. Anxiety followed.

Still she danced through the bramble,

not absent of pain, but carried by will.

She recognized the same dilemmas

that coursed through her mind in earlier days.

What had soothed her and had eluded him?

Colorado River at the Grand Canyon


How do you test what moves

and cannot be seen?

Was he blinded to the truth?

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Celestial Glory

Did you happen to look up to the heavens Sunday evening,
September 8, 2013, shortly after sunset?

Celestial glory

I did, because I knew the Moon and Venus
would be sharing space,
close enough to capture them in the same frame.

I looked up yesterday evening, September 9, 2013, and already they had parted ways.

The Moon is easily recognizable. Venus is the small white dot, to the right of the Moon.

Thanks to fellow bloggers, I am now aware of this weeks significance. It is Suicide Awareness Week, from Sunday, September 8 until Sunday, September 15. I will always remember you, dear brother, even though I no longer see you.

Your smile etched
in the interior,
never erased.
Your hug warmed
the cold wind,
it now penetrates.
Your laughter lifted
me to the moon,
and higher.
You told me not to worry,
you were doing fine.
You were not okay,
you were wrong.
You are

Happy writing,


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The voice of an elk’s
deep throat, underneath the fog,
stirs through and around


The picture was taken at the Grand Canyon June 2013. If you like the picture and would like to use it, please ask. Thank you.

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Desert Dream

I ask you, what is that feeling at the bottom of your stomach, when your mouth gapes open and your eyes become wide? Reflecting back on our recent trip to Sedona, I feel the churning and the utter amazement at Arizona’s diversity. From Flagstaff to Sedona, Phoenix to Tucson, along with a day trip to the Grand Canyon, a flush of memories overload my brain and send me scurrying to capture the essence of what I saw, heard, felt and tasted.

Perhaps a few pictures will help as I feel lost in the thoughts…please be patient as I unscramble the emotions and lasting impression Arizona has left on my heart. There are certain places that leave a lasting impact and Sedona is on my mind…

Desert Dream From a distance Jack Rabbit Shadow Dance Soul Expression

Journey with me
to a time and place
that exists
not just in a dream

I will
among the sun’s shadow

Rabbit, run
hop, skip, jump
into my mind

Follow along
to a distance
not easily