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My Monhegan

* Oh! to find relaxation. Get lost amidst the Monhegan sea air. I once honored the rapt attention of the island’s evening. Witnessed the homeward gulls, floating above. Shhhh! i warned them. I desired the whispered stories unfolding below the ocean waves. I witnessed their goodbyes descend upon my eyes. Their limelight emitted farewell and…

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Old Barns

Same canvas painted over three times. When we find satisfaction the plan is to move onto a new canvas and start another picture. First Layer. Second Layer. Third Layer happens tomorrow. And a third canvas. First Layer. Second Layer.

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Paula: Lost in Translation Photo Essay. Pairs. Apples. 9/13/2016 My first attempt at a still life in late 2016. I added another layer to the painting today. Am I satisfied now? I hope to try a still life again once moved and settled. Canvas and paint packed away after the past weekend painting spree. Shall…

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