breakthrough, blazing diamonds
i wash my hands,
this guilty conscience

will they let me out?
jump to the depths
of my shadow.

uncover my mother,
her melodic voice
whispering the eulogy

hear the crashing
waves of eternity
pushing up the dead?

Alcatraz. A mysterious place to walk. A place to imagine the confines of oneself, hiding from peering eyes.  It exits from the yard, steps down that lead to self-discovery. There are those who choose to hide, remain hidden even from themselves. A deadening of their humanity.

This being the initial poem, I sense there will be others. This door stirs emotions to capture in words.Notice the heaviness, the peering eye in the door, the entrance and exit, the confines of dreams or shuttered hopelessness. Even safety is found in the fortitude, a personal sense of peril to society, only to find themselves in danger.

I visited Alcatraz in the summer of 2014. Join me on this trip. Immerse yourself in the dreamscape. There is much to explore.