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collision course

Oh my. I think i said too much. I can be quite careless, sparked by passion. Lit by a struck match and ignited by fuel. Kaboom! I have definitely gone off in too many directions. Without giving away every secret attraction, i best quit while ahead of myself… wait for my senses to catch up.…

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Here at last

Sigh. We finally made it to Boston! Well, on Wednesday we did. I have been wakened from a deep slumber. It may have been a slow emerging but the move was not a gentle stirring. My life as i knew it has drastically shifted. I believe for the better. While it seriously has been difficult…

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muse to each other

over and over more and more she was awoken he broke through -her core he had no idea how he was just there his breath became her a shell of departure they crawled through their own universe truth spoken lost to the ocean

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Remember? The charming blue dots sprinkling the craggy shores of Maine, adventure atop the rolling ocean waves. Peer down, notice the five-star fingers of peaceful dreams unknown. Synchronicity fathoms space and time. Coincidences are spiritual puns.  –G.K. Chesterton (1874 – 1936) *originally written and appeared 1/7/2017

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Cee’s Share Your World

I have been absent. Yes. And then Cee’s Share Your World digs deep. Do you ever sit on a park bench for more than ten minutes? Absolutely. Especially if the sun is ablaze. Or the park is absent of people. I think more clearly when distraction is minimal. I suppose that is true for most…

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