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Attending the Opera

— Read on Fabric on the Daily Post What are we willing to give up? What would i find behind your curtain as i swing it aside? Have you, will you, consider letting me know? I wait. Anticipate. Is this a game eagerly played by two? Or only i? Am i setting myself up for…

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In her head swam black interrupted by the whites of eyes peering into a pool of red. Born blue -she flew escaped the cell created a dungeon of nightmares -rare to be so bold, this world so cold. Is this not the “happily-ever-after” we aspire?

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The dance of life -Edvard Munch 1899-1900 Since the beginning of time man yearned to hold bare hands grabbing the void. Who knows where thoughts descend knowledge within himself? boulders resting on shoulders. Rocks for sitting and moving and groaning time expanding and growing, infinitely exploding. Plans from a power unseen acknowledging humanity’s innocence green…

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genesis returned

We are made of others emerge and bloom uniquely qualified to be ourselves. And just as soon, turn to dust and disappear. A crepusular light. Jerzy Kalina –artist Wroclaw, Poland Discovered his sculpture on Pinterest and felt inclined to share. Enjoy!

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At the beginning

“Exclamation point!!!” said me. The wheels of the brain are churning and driving along with this thought, I turned into the driveway and paused. What is there? Anywhere? I can move but every room is empty.  Fear begins at birth.  Are they smiling at me? Confusion sets in. Memories flood the senses. You hear the…

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