Have you ever?

When you face challenges, you naturally search for answers. Have you, like me, ever fallen under a woven world’s wordspell? Some of Anthony’s poems on Hands in the Garden appear sensible and others completely obscure. For most of Sink to Surface, you enter another dimension. And even then you may never comprehend the road map.Continue reading “Have you ever?”


With winter here, my mind turns to cozy. The Cozy Book by Mary Ann Hoberman is a delightful children’s picture book by the US Children’s Poet Laureate (2008-2011). Did you know there was such a title and honor? I discovered this gem of a book, as a parent, who loved to read to her kids.Continue reading “Cozy”

There must be more… margin release

Indian Rocks Beach FL 2017 That would be me, reading Sebnem Sander’s new book “Ripples on the Pond” published December 4, 2017. Here is my review… Brought a book along, to read, while on the white sands of the Gulf of Mexico. From Clearwater to Venice, Sebnem travels along, telling stories the waves often whisperContinue reading “There must be more… margin release”

On writing, eating and sleeping

Im ok being long forgotten, I wont be here to know. October 11, 2016 I have fine tuned three poems today and finished five pages of How to read a poem by Terry Eagleton. A rather rich book to fully digest adequately, I have decided to devour it would be uncouth. Besides, my brain on aContinue reading “On writing, eating and sleeping”