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A dream project

It really hurts to pack my books away. I dream of August or September when I hope to be in a new house. Make it my home. And put all these books back on a shelf. And then I hope, a new scene (maybe Boston, hope I have not jinxed my future by saying it…

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going through this frenzy purchasing books every title imaginable about suicide and why, these voices reside build a home, hoping to rest -a while. A while later, it all starts again, depression, anxiety, r.d. laing… this divided self reads jung and admires van Gogh the Plath’s and Woolf’s of this world we meet-up, browse universal…

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Putting me aside, again

2017 Expressing my desire to find rhythm in my words, Rita Dove was recommended reading for a poet who dances on paper.  Early this year, when I finally got around to seriously read her work, I preordered a new publication, a recent compilation of her 30 years of writing and dove in, head first. Ars…

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This time

I tread lightly, carefully pack my bags with the essentials. And where might I go? I find refuge among the stacked volumes of time on page 356 war breaks, though -peace finally comes! So why? Why so long to answer my poem? Patience -a virtue when understanding is dim. Who sees all Knows all Hears…

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Just ignore me

Sometimes, well most of the time, I have projects filtering through my mind.  And most of the time, well some of the time, I write them out and post them on my blog. Should I? If I think long about that question, I hesitate and decide not to post. This is a good thing. I…

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There is no fear In freedom, courage boldly goes. I am confused for the rest of today. In my confusion I am paralyzed. I feel the world too deeply.

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shuffle the books sifting sand consider the last demand he graciously asks, she sits in his chair “What is left to know?”

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All these words, time spent, leaving me lonely, with no book to hold? -Jeff Its amazing to look back and read how much we change. Recently, I dreamt to publish, whereas a kid, writing was more a necessity. An infatuation with my thoughts that had me inwardly seeking peace with the world. Letters written to…

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