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Unleashed Thoughts

Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived.

Never the same. Again.
Her hands
held out, reaching
empty spaces, vacuous trances
silence held in sacred space

A million trains travel through my head daily. I miss every damn train. I arrive at the depot, out of breath, with frantic nerves from tireless searching, and grief enmeshed between pores. Looking into the glass-enclosed diorama, I strain to see the impervious face of my heart.

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sent scrambling
to find love -broken
in all places
stranger’s faces

have i not given you
all of me, you let it go
while i held on tight
this fear held over

you promised did you not?

i recall
nights turn to morning
and your not there
empty arms fly

so i wander new mexico
where magic and beauty
entice this dreary soul
away from you

where did we go anyhow?

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she never remembers

no matter -how

many times did you tell her

you love and adore

the way she loves you back?

she always tells you

her disease possesses

the curved back, spread

skies and deeper still

the open thighs. no matter,

you have lost her eyes

as she asks for the night

wrapped in television screen

of what might have been

between you.

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Am i only here

in dreams,

voices calling me home?

fate dropped me off at the corner

i linger -waiting for you

a void lives in this city

night life no longer welcomes

broken hearts

and voices in dreams -scream.