Week in Review: B&W

a path of voicesretrieve the warm clues scatteredyour time approaches I have never stayed with one theme on my blog for very long. This is my third consecutive week to post a “Week in Review: B&W”. Progress? Calm in my chaos? If nothing else, a personal record! 🙂 A week in review. A visit toContinue reading “Week in Review: B&W”

personal musings unleashed…

I see far too many people who are not thinking… and well i have to turn away and protect my thoughts. composting logic reality forced anger paths burdened with tears My religious views are Work-in-Progress and my political views are Independent. I am a free thinker who will listen and either agree or disagree withContinue reading “personal musings unleashed…”

Fickle (outlines)

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: (out)Lines A month ago -snow tomorrow 82 Fahrenheit and the complaints come full circle. You ask… better to stay within the lines be defined by boundaries -knowing what tomorrow brings or do you dare venture beyond the scope of man’s imagination tormented by inconsistencies and drama? The future isContinue reading “Fickle (outlines)”

Still Life

Still Life (Fish with Red Bowl) 1923-24 Salvador Dali I’m quiet. Sorry sitting here contemplating the mass of mail -stacked knee-high and wearing wader boots slipping off -the rainbow trout loves the May fly and a rocky river bottom you blossom. I promise to tie loose ends -taut paint beginnings bought a pair of boots scaledContinue reading “Still Life”

Chili in America

Stepping outside this morning a crispness filled my lungs. The birds spoke, warning, it is time to move on. I am sure the language should be heeded but I intend to hunker down. I lack freedom to seek warmer gardens. I will watch as the flowers disappear, knowing they prepare a new spring. Understanding rebirthContinue reading “Chili in America”