Always a man, the little boy picked up his trucks. It most certainly was not his decision. He had rather destroy than keep order. Chaos, a game to play. And nothing was squared away that day. With time, his anger grew loudly inside but politely kept at bay. Inner demons kept vigil, camped around theContinue reading “dilemma “

Pippi’s New Year

(A picture of me as Pippi Longstocking exists. Somewhere. or Perhaps it is lost forever, thus really nonexistent. The memory carries on.) Im a little bit everything and all over the place, mail in my purse that hasn’t been sent a list of to-do’s certainly not to be spent a knot in my hair fromContinue reading “Pippi’s New Year”

Manger Straw

Some days mom sang me lullabies and i held my breathe along with her join the symphony of dazzling lights and ephiphany “I seen Jesus”. Her head would slump and her mouth frown in exclamation marks “child i have no idea what you talking about.” I would stroke mom’s downy feathers under her belly whereContinue reading “Manger Straw”

dreams so wrong

never thought of wishes bad memories is all when words carved of wood petrified stone perched on oak branches stop the dangling swing push her legs, pumping of sprouted wing the sun made all the difference in a light rest lying in a dark tomb of books she turned the pages gently, torn worn ofContinue reading “dreams so wrong”

storm to safety

winding up to blow over everyone and everything that stands in my way… i sense no path -forward or backward isolated in a forest with overgrown fears closing in surrounding my feet i change my mind -escape and morph into another hiding once more an invisible ticket expired and worn barely readable the conductor putsContinue reading “storm to safety”

this is my opinion…

Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived. I read this article… Is this our world? Here is my heart reaction, in words. This is equally tragic as 9/11. The voices of those dead in Chicago cry out for us to take action. How do we react? We dissect each tragedy and lookContinue reading “this is my opinion…”