Time Spent

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet

Time spent with a friend is sweet. Shared treats. Shared tweets. At Cupitol, Downtown Chicago, 455 E Illinois Avenue. If you find yourself there, sitting…

consider visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art, a short 20 minute walk away. Along the edge of Northwestern’s college campus.

Please do not use my photos for any purpose, without permission. Thank you.

Morning steam

I have more questions than I have answers today.

My husband has been asking to read my poems and I finally succumbed. Over a fine-brewed cup of morning coffee, he read three. The result? Three entirely different poems sitting on my desk.

I am confused. When do you know when to hit the publish button?

What if I just leave a poem alone and let it work the mystery intended? What if no one is getting what I said?  Is it me or them?

Should I reread my work? I do wonder where a choice word, a punctuation problem or a line break wrongly placed could be fixed. I am not sure which of my six poems I like.

Is one better? Time for a glass of wine.