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The Painting

growing restless

blown-out candles

leave behind smoke

rising stories fill the senses

pictures forming

paints are humming

mixed-up hues of

ochre, verde, sepia,

cadmium orange and cyan

hand is trembling

voice is scratchy

heart stops

catch your breathe

close your eyes -handle

of brush levitates

and down splashes your sweat

amongst the tears of increasing years

quiet, taut and invisible

signs of life approaching

nearer the canvas

and soon your caught

ropes and hooks

with a fisher’s net

of scrambled puzzles

non-configured, contorted syllables

poetic verse undressed

and therein lies the bare necessities of The Painting.

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A dream project

It really hurts to pack my books away. I dream of August or September when I hope to be in a new house. Make it my home. And put all these books back on a shelf.

And then I hope, a new scene (maybe Boston, hope I have not jinxed my future by saying it out loud) means a new thought process and all these hidden projects sitting on my shelves will come to life.  I have wanted to write children’s books for quite some time.  My favorite children’s illustrator/author is Lois Ehlert.  I love her folk art style and the color that embellishes her pages.  The simple stories she writes captures a child’s imagination.  And mine. (Some day I hope I can organize my collections as she has done below.)


That really could be me pictured in her book.  I spent every summer riding my bike to the library.  I would come home with a pile of books, weighing more than I did, and would sit in my tent in the backyard, reading and dreaming of the world.  To this day, I still have no clue what life means, other than love is precious and relationships are what keeps us from falling too deep into despair.  Oh! if I only practiced my wisdom.  I often find myself sheltering from the world still…. hidden in my writing room dreaming of possibilities.

img_3213-1The above illustration is quite helpful to me.  To plan the whole book at once… ah! makes so much sense!   This will take a whole lot of discipline on my part, as I often write everything without planning.  My learning to become more intentional in creative habits, will be a positive step in my growth as an artist.  (I said it! Am i?)

Although, I do need a sense of mindless space to generate ideas but then will utilize her method to organize my chaos.  🙂

If you have children in your life, I recommend this book highly.  She had an exhibit at the Milwaukee Museum of Art a while back and I was able to purchase it there.  I am sure it is available on Amazon if you are interested.

Happy writing, Jeanne

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These are the days.

This is the time. Make the best of what is
and do not think about tomorrow, it is only a possibility.

I am here. Now.

Those were the days to remember. They will never come again.  You were my best friend. You were the light of my mind. You shone in the crevices of my dark alleys and hidden thoughts. You breathed life into my cold heart. You were the spark that revived the lost child, lurking in the shadows of broken promises. Someday soon, I will walk this way again, and cherish the moments together.

Since you have been gone, the color has left my world.
I see shades of gray, black and white.

I long for the hues of oranges, greens and blues.

These are the days and this is the time, I will remember forever.

Matthew 5:4 “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

Psalm 34:18 The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.

Philippians 1:3 I thank my God in all my remembrance of you,


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Spring comes to life
As the sun moves closer
The heat breaks the dormant
And the dormant break free

Wind brings cooling breezes
As the heat burns
The sprouting leaves wither
And the withering leaves sprout

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Coloring pages…

I still love to color. A fresh box of crayons each September is a treat. My old broken ones are unwrapped, shoved into the oven on an old cookie sheet, to melt and be formed into new crayons.

Here are a few of my favorite coloring book webpages. Do not resist what you will enjoy. Her art in colorbook form, how wonderful! You do not need to speak French to color these famous works of art.

These should be enough to get you started doing a pasttime that you may have brushed aside.  While you are coloring the paintings of Goya, Cassatt, Monet, Renoir, perhaps pick up Wendy Beckett’s lovely books and her appreciation for art expressed so vividly.