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summer song and dance sunshine’s grace chose to do differently this time and place smile to spread peace life’s not a race set your clock to be one with the earth’s trace

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spoken skies

May the curious soul the delight of life dwell in the impossible find the possible spred far your quilted heart pieces of life sewn with zig and zag mindful ever of neighbors far and wide! Reject the negative… even the negative disguised as something otherwise. Discern life as you pass through the skies…

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Each purposeful visit Creation points out To find my heart and breath Notice every crumb Of existence In the space between Leaves of grass

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personal musings unleashed.

thoughts from mid June 2018 As of late i have been thinking. Endlessly the wheel rotates and nothing new is generated. My therapist called it rumination. And typically rumination has led to increased anxiety. My anxiety is spiked. Last weekend i ran to the White Mountains. Last night i ran to Prospect Hill, to watch…

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growing up

Were you allowed to express yourself growing up? Or were your passionate explorations squelched? Arts were a forbidden country for me. A taboo. Superstitions of poverty and starvation, my becoming promiscuous, rang from my mother’s mouth. Dad silently agreed. When i turned 18 i told them i was going to college. When they did not…

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The deepest, darkest rises in the fog, burned away -hidden desire. Oh, why feel so free behind the screen? And how our creator tapped into the sensual, leaves us mourning the loss of soul.

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Love me while i am here or don’t love me at all. As i, my song, lives as breath fluid as the river, passed through and over. Sing the path. Walk the earth. Vapors exist, retract, birth the unknown. As i, my song, lived in breath. Depart.

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