Ascend (a photo challenge)

Ascend I would love to know what squirrels think, when they see a person walk by, who suddenly stops when they hear their chatter above; stop, dig, reach in, snap, stare and stare and stare. Move along… For any length of time, no doubt, that squirrel is surveying an escape route. But you must questionContinue reading “Ascend (a photo challenge)”

Roots (a million dust particles)

Collage  Have you made yours?  Written your book of life?  It will serve you well.   Childhood school 3rd-5th grade.  It is now for sale.  Memories are stepping stones to future endeavors and concurrently sticking points to moving on.  I would go out on a limb and say most of us have recollections somewhere tuckedContinue reading “Roots (a million dust particles)”

Natural Beauty

Ooh la la!  My garden is more than eye sex.  The extracted essential oils of my Lilacs, Lavender, Rosemary, Roses and Peppermint  perfume the natural beauty products produced at home.  I had yet to make chlorophyll and yesterday I did.  Well, I started the process as it takes several days and if I continue toContinue reading “Natural Beauty”


i don’t trust myself fog on the mirror won’t disappear into the night i am forced. this doubt of what you’ll bring peace or broken glass, these girls i have become weaving blades of grass. some i know -their flowers in your eyes the others only dirt and dreams of better days.