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Painting with Scissors Matisse Style

Life is a dress rehearsal. Every day reminds me of yesterday’s failures, today’s possibilities, and tomorrow’s reminders. Today, my biggest question to myself centers around my faith that someone greater (for me God) exists beyond my imagination.

What exists in my view is awfully short of some angelic heaven.

Are we creating a heaven on earth? Who is out of bounds with creating such a horrific world? Why do we go from bad to worse with every new year? Who is winning this never-ending battle of wits?

Politics is no answer. The spirit of love must overcome the drought of not seeking others or understanding them. Forgiveness is more necessary than ever. Anger and bitterness, when allowed to take root, pave the way to destruction. Hate drains the blood and leaves us tired of life. The consequence of despair is a hopeless dance.

Are you doing your part to create a beautiful world? Are you spreading cheer? Loving your neighbor or finding fault? Blaming race or religion, using both as an excuse to further harm life on earth? Hiding your love under a bushel?

There can be peace and goodwill. And we do not have to cancel God to achieve those ends. We must cancel our fleshly desires and embrace our neighbors as ourselves.

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midnight masquerade

Morning emerges

slowly unfolding, blue billowy sky

blistering later
a crashing darkness
night swallowing tears

spitting out stars, wooing a weary heart.

Brazen voices burst forth
encroaching upon a feeble mind

feel the slow minutes
count memories, tick-tock.

You are here, not there
feel the fabric, music playing

Burst open!! your timid voice
quieter than silence

sound able to emerge
once stuck in time
life expired
converged into the present.

You are welcome here, you hear,
grace abounds where love is found,
come revel in the fruit of dawn.