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Music Get me out of this Funk

Only way to survive the insanity is to turn up the volume. Dance! See you on the other side of the Moon… “Little Red Corvette” Prince “She’s Strange” Cameo “She Works Hard for Her Money” Donna Summer “Whip It” Devo “Nasty Girl” Vanity 6 “Maniac” Michael Sembello “Love is a Stranger” Eurythmics “Sunglasses at Night”…

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She turns on a dime, wraps you in silk, slashes you with her words. Her training in, the art of dance images, serene in your mind. Child-like innocence warped by the world, she casts-off, never to return.

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New morning

Who does not think about things when you are a writer? Then I think what those things are and try to define some things. Some things are not catchable. It is snowing here this morning and the darkness is just lifting to outline each flake. Weather is fascinating. Whether it is thunder and lighting, Wind…

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