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Border Wall (chaos ensues)

stone upon stone i build this wall Would you still like me love me if you knew the words cluttered inside? If i painted a picture of my mind the tendrils of poison that caused us blind? I am careless and messy with days i dont care for you or me not willing to share…

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death as he approaches

as a person with suicidal thoughts, ideation of death better than life, what saves her facing existential threats, turning towards the mourning faces struggling in futuristic moving pictures, brings senses back to here and now wrestling with the darkness, clouding the sunny skies life, that is all death abhors. **minds are curious things, with eyes…

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Anyone listening?

Authoritative judgement. She is going for the kill him and herself for betrayal and unerrorable cries, innocence clinging to madness. (Me, 3/28/2016) Consider the following Sylvia Plath quotes. None of these lines are in chronological order. “Is there no way out of the mind?” “I talk to God but the sky is empty.” “I desire…

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