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Life, a puzzle, is her mind.
Had she believed -his way
relief would have come sooner.

He called her a phoenix,
braver and smarter than
so many other girls he knew.

If he only knew.
She was nothing, she told.
He refused to listen.

A man who sits and advises, won’t listen?
She was the one who had to hear and abide.

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the room narrows
familiar scent
wafts in
no one notices
slipping me relief from
horror. his cavity
beyond belief. i let

him down. i failed
motherhood. a sworn
protector, my child
forgive. smelling
guilt, release me
from fear. A pleasing
fragrance, lightness

lifts sweet dreams.
I woke up
a different room
a dentist’s chair
a strangeness loomed
with judging stares,
feeble concern offered.

I was guilty.