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deja vu.

Quotes: Invited by GuyorBloke Day One. I have been here before. All change demands energy. To recharge, we need to step away and consider the future. “Why this way?” i repeatedly asked out loud. Of course, as life has proven, no voice replies when needed the most. Alone in that empty room, I silently posed. I…

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When life takes over

Sure, I would love to dream all day and whittle time –away then, life takes over and I left spinning to take cover. When I was young I dreamed of spending time in a one room beach house filled with only memories. Now I live in a mansion filled with torture of mind and the…

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When did I lose my way? Call me crazy, -i see your point made last week how jumping up and down can hurt my head and soon after -i broke and all this time i had been searching and you found me and i sink deep into you.

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Summer heat

I dread the sun today I seek quiet. Solitude comforts me finding peace. Each poem a dance,  a missing puzzle piece of another poem, perhaps “it could have been” it’s match? This poem may never find a mate.

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Dancing out to sea

April is National Poetry Month. I love, love the idea as poetry is my writing of choice. So, this morning my thoughts turned to why I write. Good question? Tough to answer I suppose. Certainly multi-dimensional for me. I communicate in print being an introvert. Posting and publishing is my move towards letting myself be…

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