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so long

Table is set
your missing.
The candles lit,
should i
blow them out?

What happened?
See the weeds
suffocating hope,
I too weak
to pull them out.

dusty heart
the last feast
how the words stung.

Now empty
tenants in my head,
once your space
and I listen too long.

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Son, I remember
your opening ocean-blue eyes
a timid attempt to love me
peeking through slits
one eye open, another closed
fully amazed at what you saw.

Redbud, The deep blue ocean
melting tender hearts.
The garden is blooming
alight with purple blossoms
radiance for our eyes
give us pause to rest awhile.

Redbud, The deep blue ocean
sheltering life’s hope.
Beautiful! Spring arrives!
I barely breathe, soul
keep this moment forever
carry it to paradise.

Redbud, The deep blue ocean
showing the way.
The winds blow east
scattering seeds along
a path takes us home
a trail of purple buds blossoming.