Heading out and feeling guilty…

Life is full. Rapturous. Engaging. how easily swiftly defeatingly im drug back to the war zone -death. Sometimes death frees more than the person gone. Other times it chains hearts to dreams and wishes. And then there is death that haunts forever. I think our Creator is wrong… love will not save the world. UnlessContinue reading “Heading out and feeling guilty…”

en route

changing again i feel the swelling… the release leaving you behind lost been searching found a fragment where did this love come from and when did it arrive i turned it lay waiting pristine and all aglow when this love finds home will it ever go it is all too beautiful my hands heavy withContinue reading “en route”

communion of souls

wish i understood perhaps, i do deep inside light eminates a bushel covered instincts reside beside, i fathom the mystery of life… to shine! the grumblings of earth, surface lay bare the charred forest scattered to four corners the huddled masses break free and rejuvinate spirit… to be! communion of souls, breathe a hush spreadsContinue reading “communion of souls”


this whispered touch middle finger caress splits open -borders a wounded heart to bleed love and flow your way dreamt you held these broken bones crushed dream -hoarder i offered you my orange creamsicle spiked with fear perched atop you slink below covered silk -corridor i whisk away… you needed more rain to pour chasingContinue reading “retreat.”

somebody’s fool

body is changing to form yours blood-laced gloves back pockets torn MacBeth fooled once me twice more submissive love chains around this heart your knife slices kinky through my life