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Afraid to let you go i twine the words of complicated grief there was no goodbye never another hello and then i made it worse opened myself wide displayed before savage eyes killed myself slowly with little pride to show flames shooting higher than ever thought possible i sold my soul to the devil who…

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I became trapped in my own selfish misery. I once held onto hope. Positioned as a shiny metal object, glistening in the sun, it promised better days. I prayed to it. Ran my fingers over the smooth surface. Worshiped the image broadcast back to my heart. I learned that day about rust as tears flowed.…

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life happens

Do we owe apologies when life happens? My heart ♥️ is discombobulated at the moment. I miss you dear readers and i made a brief appearance this morning after a welcome disappearance from the world. A friend and i made away to the wooded hills of Brown County, in my expedient retreat from the hustle…

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pressed tight

Depression. And it’s accomplice, anxiety, arrived today. On horseback. Out of the blue and bare-naked. Desperate to scare me. Both hoping to seduce. I had ran away once. Appears now it will be twice. Glanced to the side. Saw the consequences coming from a ways. It had to be more than a mile. It was…

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Love me while i am here or don’t love me at all. As i, my song, lives as breath fluid as the river, passed through and over. Sing the path. Walk the earth. Vapors exist, retract, birth the unknown. As i, my song, lived in breath. Depart.

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Attending the Opera

— Read on Fabric on the Daily Post What are we willing to give up? What would i find behind your curtain as i swing it aside? Have you, will you, consider letting me know? I wait. Anticipate. Is this a game eagerly played by two? Or only i? Am i setting myself up for…

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