Come talk,
the last flow of coffee
drips white cream
circling rings unfolding
of fable and tales
of “used to be hope”
breathing against
the impossible bricks
standing against our world
a last surface
the probability comes: the “us” ends.
The bird’s skulls

I have never participated in a writing prompt but thought it could be fun to see what I  concoct as well as others. Intriguing.

See the prompt here:  https://1sojournal.wordpress.com/2016/04/09/napowrimo-day10/

And the list of words to use, from both sites, http://sundaywhirl.wordpress.com and http://sundayswhirligig.blogspot.com/

surface, last, flow, used, talk, us,
stands, hope, circle, end, drips, tales
breathing, against, birds, impossible, skull, bricks,
coffee, unfolds, comes, sleeping, white, probability

Happy writing, J