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personal musings unleashed

as a child i nagged my parents to stop smoking… my dad was happy to quit and exclaimed “i can smell and taste again!” what should have been a breakthrough was left a defeat, mom moping and poking around, complaining as usual… she wanted her cigarettes… not wanting to smoke alone, she subsided the habit,…

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Nietzsche’s Questionnaire (reblog)

Daniel Paul Marshall’s blog... click link to read the complete post. “Nietzsche concludes book III (268-275) of The Gay Science by posing 8 questions to himself & answering them. I found, answering them as if they were philosophically incentivized Rorschach blotches, quite revealing.” Finally posting my answers to the 8 questions… (and yours?) What makes…

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no need

I wrote the above to help me through a day, last week. It was not meant for public consumption, but after reading Aguycalledbloke this morning, i decided to share. This is but a snippet of my relationship with my mother. Is it worth returning to this planet? Of trying to understand why i am so…

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Moving Day is here!

Staying out of the movers way! Looking toward the day I can rest my mind and rhyme -Think! Set up my writing desk find a place to paint -Dream! until then, i pledge to stay out of the movers way. The biggest day of my life, since i moved to Indiana, has arrived. From this…

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My Monhegan

I am currently working on a painting My Monhegan, an island off the coast of Maine. Monhegan is a place that encompasses 95% of my spiritual thought while a mere 3 days and 2 nights were physically spent there. It amazes how much an impact the place had on me. A healing calm took me…

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Being superstitious comes naturally as hopes are dashed when plans are spoken out loud. But I am hoping this opportunity, that remains open until April 5th, might become a real possibility!! For the next month I will be putting together my proposal to submit for a writer-in-residence position. That’s all i will tell. I do…

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Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived. Today I want to give up trying to stay focused. I never know what thoughts will travel through this mind. The path is never straight nor narrow these days. I live in a chaotic existence. Besides, it seems no use to focus at this stage…

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Sick of this world and all the opinions the grey skies that never go away no rain is long enough to wash this blood men’s feet gone astray all my love and sorrow could never heal this pain sick of this world and my hopes to make a difference no one listening a dreamer betrayed.

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