Tag: depression


I want to be happy here we just confuse swallow budding thoughts morning fog melts on forked tongue and tendrils climb the bent back I want to be happy here we just refuse the bowl of ripened fruit lick wounds with torn cloth swollen mouth stuffed with lies

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The way to blue easily travailed. The happy path lingers sways a brush of cheek. Through cracks seen distance perched upon dire thoughts direction whisks shooting stars past lost scars. Tails of disaster i carelessly imagine ride the rails. My darkness exists -allowed to push away… i grasp the dangling strings held tight to watch…

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absence in wake

Look. Do you see? This picture of me. Look. I once stood in such a door. My vow to not share. My sacred word. My vagrant thoughts. I break the rules. So am i desperate against myself? I truly want to be alone. Do you believe me? I think not. What will any of this…

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phoenix street

wrote it now own the words “stinging nettles” popcorn, chips no escape writhing grapes glowing flames pardon me hold on wash away this grin funny spill easy swipe to wipe pain away hoping still you catch a wave to ride reach high brave sky then crash… burn hotter smoke longer grow stronger pardon me i…

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From then… until now.

walls inside keep spores from spawning outside decaying rotting… yawning, i shroom days on end holding myself together not touching the walls surrounding an interior ready to crumble i fall crawl to the screen make my way through relentlessly waiting for the end my friend

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i try hard to stay open while the heart shuts i scream loud in a whisper salted with fear and roll with the punches stuck in second gear

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premeditated murder

you will speak when spoken to hollow tin cans washed and stored for emergency calls the sacred wonder to be visible behind the jellyfish spine i spoke you heard no sound soap scum lines the rim of my mind careless words left caressing sores better left behind lies all of them left you before i…

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piano man.

circus mind filled with sorrow nothing entertains rivers of red threatening beat the final score a song for every life situation big band, rock… classical, soul no limits to a melodies roll like a cloud sound changes to fit the mood and i ask -you to dance, along follow my steps the black and white…

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