In Deep Surrender

The trees uprooted and ever movinga ruddy rougemy dead giveaway.The mud cakes my facea promise to remove blemisheswhile you watch from afarand I crouch at the grave.“Listen to the sun sparkle.”A flame on this stick.I fizzle, barely noticedsending you mixed messages.

run away.

Life is washing over me and my reaction muted. In the process of being overwhelmed i have lost a desire to share. Will I find strength to shoot the barrel. Letters locked and loaded. They suffer and land on days grown cold. The intimacy dares to run away. If I stay, will i manage toContinue reading “run away.”

Ive been meaning too.

Sometimes life expects us to make confessionals. My list happens to be growing as I recollect events that I am sorry for. For instance, in the midst of my grief, shortly after learning my brother John had taken his life, I stole a plant. A flowering plant at a local grocery store. The reasoning beingContinue reading “Ive been meaning too.”

Thoughts they come and wander

This is the sun setting over the huge rock in my yard. Hell, the rock is a small hill you have to climb and there is a perfect practice 20-25′ (7.6 meter) straight ascent to the top. The other side has ledges and you can scale it without rope. It is rather easy, with wonderfulContinue reading “Thoughts they come and wander”

Diamonds (Originally posted Feb 18, 2018.)

Please read to the end, even if you are not in the mood to be cheery!!!! I truly care for you… 🌟 Possibilities exist in every shiny thought. Never allow yourself to be squared in to a corner without a circle. Be adVenturous! Find a star and start running. Even if it takes a lifetimeContinue reading “Diamonds (Originally posted Feb 18, 2018.)”

Another Half-Hour

(From a blog I am shuttering down.) I trick my self into believing reward my self by thinking gift my self an extra half-hour sleep. The funny thing is is the snooze button works. Ahhhhh…eternal rest. And the alarm goes off again. — It is amazing, another feat accomplished unaware, with no clue what iContinue reading “Another Half-Hour”

Manger Straw

Some days mom sang me lullabies and i held my breathe along with her join the symphony of dazzling lights and ephiphany “I seen Jesus”. Her head would slump and her mouth frown in exclamation marks “child i have no idea what you talking about.” I would stroke mom’s downy feathers under her belly whereContinue reading “Manger Straw”

Sitting in the Back Seat

Who is the person known, but unknown a mystery to the mind. Our desires sizzle and sparks a rather dark world where my orange dot retreats and burns with hell flames, hotter. I once laid flat, in your car now I kneel at an altar. You say a woman glows as a sun-lit finch wovenContinue reading “Sitting in the Back Seat”

slightest cut lets in life

Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived. Like Dicken’s “Tale of Two Cities” I have lived a tale of polar opposites. I have known a dark night of the soul and the fresh morning dew of enlightenment. No memories can ever be forgotten but they can be forgiven. And the forgiveness allowsContinue reading “slightest cut lets in life”