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As if!! (wanderlust)

I don’t need all the anger from either side… so i go my own way. As I dally along, I feel their hot air suffocate my pores. Melt my peace. My mind is more twisted than my intestines these days. So I find a cool place in the shade and breathe out the bullshit and…

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Maybe. Just Maybe.

Kinda ‘fraid to read on days when words bleed off pages… Just being me is a tragedy knowing directions circle flapping wings licking tongues ready to make the kill. So… is there a plan to right the wrong or steep longer in a stew cut-up songs keys askew melodies that don’t belong. Just being me…

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The way to blue easily travailed. The happy path lingers sways a brush of cheek. Through cracks seen distance perched upon dire thoughts direction whisks shooting stars past lost scars. Tails of disaster i carelessly imagine ride the rails. My darkness exists -allowed to push away… i grasp the dangling strings held tight to watch…

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curious too… write to extract a hurting heart, leaving the unease let’s get to know -you witness sorrow desert the photograph cracked skin filled with sin and so it goes love lies in drought

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a distant knock heard beyond Spring low hum of summer october seeds drown the mind winter dreaming awash in yellow petal captured

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Vidur has a new poem!!

Here is another Vidur drop-dead gorgeous poem that is ethereal to my mind… he takes you on a journey of flight. And as painful his words to read, they are equally beautiful ✍🏼❤️ Love as a token, worn raw and bled on paper. I like, no love, this poem very, very much!! It is a…

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