Unleashed Thoughts

Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived. Nothing.Her handsheld out, reachingempty spaces, vacuous trancessilence held in sacred spacemissing. A million trains travel through my head daily. I miss every damn train. I arrive at the depot, out of breath, with frantic nerves from tireless searching, and grief enmeshed between pores. Looking intoContinue reading “Unleashed Thoughts”

Dreams and dreamers

What is it about timethat keeps you from taking holdthe reigns of your mind?The dark alleysexposed in the changingseasons forevermoredemanding you move along.He standswaiting.She loves the flowof his words wornaround her neck, bentfrom past love obligationsand surprisingly -heunderstands.

Thursday Doors

Sarasota Florida has marvelous doors. The weather is grand too. You might decide to stay outdoors when visiting. Although when the humidity is too high, the luxury of air-conditioned indoors might suit you. The area I stayed is an artist’s colony. The Ringling Museum of Art is nearby. That will be a destination on myContinue reading “Thursday Doors”

Letters to Mrs. Marshall

preoccupied dreamsstacked memories to leaf throughblades of hope full bloom Chanced upon this stack of love papers, piled high and grown larger with time. Now to sit and relish in space forgotten and live their second summer. When flowers bloom, a lover’s scent caresses a cheek.