The then small, insignificant step toward the giant leap in understanding man. That was the path she beckoned. It curved away from the light and fear began to well up inside. Depression crippled. Anxiety followed. Still she danced through the bramble, not absent of pain, but carried by will. She recognized the same dilemmas thatContinue reading “Rupture”


Always running the thoughts in my mind that follow my legs to a different time when flowers were blooming and the rains were sweet. The tempest hollows at my feet. Always turning around in my head the voices and visions that block the view of majesty, glory and all that’s new. The magic stands alone.Continue reading “Running”

Celestial Glory

Did you happen to look up to the heavens Sunday evening, September 8, 2013, shortly after sunset? I did, because I knew the Moon and Venus would be sharing space, close enough to capture them in the same frame. I looked up yesterday evening, September 9, 2013, and already they had parted ways. The MoonContinue reading “Celestial Glory”


Not today, but soon What we see will pass away New earth, new heaven. Hoof beats are pounding Armies are rising, men war Scattering Christians Eastern winds blowing Lost in the dark wilderness The sun bleeds out red From which direction No one knows regarding how Does the Lord return? Western winds blowing Know theContinue reading “Sunset”