The dance of life -Edvard Munch 1899-1900 Since the beginning of time man yearned to hold bare hands grabbing the void. Who knows where thoughts descend knowledge within himself? boulders resting on shoulders. Rocks for sitting and moving and groaning time expanding and growing, infinitely exploding. Plans from a power unseen acknowledging humanity’s innocence greenContinue reading “Origins”

Children’s books and second innocence

If possible would you choose to become a child again? Again straddle joy of discovery imagination and grin. Or would you crouch in fear a dark corner hide? Hide between tragedy of fate clinging to mind. Munch’s painting Scream, a familiar attitude, depicts something carnal about personal nature. We are left to face existential reality,Continue reading “Children’s books and second innocence”


The Scream, 1893 Too much homework to hash out a poem worth posting today. Instead, enjoy this classic “outta of my head” painting by Edvard Munch. Hope your feeling better than this man’s depiction. Me, not so much.  🙂 Side note: searching for an image to post, I learned this work was produced with crayonContinue reading “AHHHHHHHH!”