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Labor Day Utopia (brain toils)

Our brain toils
to educate
be apolitical
gain knowledge

one can hope
we can hunger for truth
make peace with ourselves,
as people being selfish.

I understand some see Gandhi or Mandela, even MLK as being selfless.  Mother Theresa.  Or were they?  They labored hard, demonstrated how selfish we are.

If time could stand still a bit, we all took a breath, ….

Great, it is Labor Day (in America) which means we can rest and recoup and take a breather…  Or maybe not.

I pray some day,
we all see the need,
a need for nothing more
than the air we breath,
on Labor Day.


“In the year 2025, the best men don’t run for president, they run for their lives. . . .”
― Stephen King, The Running Man

Just some thoughts because a Utopian Society has never worked.  Jeanne

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How can we know?

with fear and trembling
destiny’s road perishes
with courage
the horizon comes to light

A problem exists in the edgy faction modern science and religion wage. The two disagree, most vehemently. Doubt about spiritual meaning exists in a scientific quest for knowledge and blind obedience to religion is dangerous. Warrior thinkers remain vigilant to answer why we battle against ourselves. There is no doubt gravity and the atomic bomb exist while a lack of spirit becomes a soulless fight against life.

I fear the poetic brain becomes a fossil, crushed bone without flesh. Science will never be buried and new discoveries ever weeding out the story of life. If we travel too far, we risk losing what it means to be human.

It’s not easy being
yellow, purple, orange
colored dreams,
man’s meaning
greater than what it seems.

Praying for the peace of Jerusalem, the world’s relationships, the plight of war’s casualties. Humans are still human after all. J💛