The Ark Of Sanity

A reason to read (and reread) WP. If i needed a reason. Hell no, no need for reason when reading Ray. Just read. The Ark Of Sanity — Read on

Interior Designer

And automatically, the words became sentences, with stems and petals. Forced from the fertile soil, stories grew arms and legs. They not only held her dreams but they carried her to lands far away. People have no idea what’s going on in my head. Most days i wish i didn’t either.

December 22, 2017

Photo modified with Pic Collage Beware the sun setting. This encourages the claws to rise within. Early this morning i was doing well. It is now mid-day. I feel myself sailing off into the abyss. This abyss is not heaven. Its hell on steroids. Whether its the packing up of my beloved writing room, orContinue reading “December 22, 2017”

Absence (makes the heart grow fonder?)

These two books just appeared in my mailbox a few minutes ago. They are still cold from the frigid air, but it won’t take long to warm them up. I have not had a new Yalom book to read, in forever!! I was beside myself to order these books (published 2015/1996 respectively) and I amContinue reading “Absence (makes the heart grow fonder?)”

In all things may there be wellness.

The absence of sound is the beginning of wisdom. Wondering about the rising bubbles and taking care not to pop them, my mind turns to the hidden breath that resides within, trapped in time. The Innocence we begin as, is what we return to. A return to purposeful thought and discernment. Yet I recall nothingContinue reading “In all things may there be wellness.”

With no further ado, bow

Eight years is a long time to be boxed in by walls. Forty-nine years is even longer. Losing a loved one is difficult. When the culprit is suicide you are a foreigner. That you remains a memory. Moving on becomes a battle. The walk is painful. Legs are weighed down and moving is impossible. ChoosingContinue reading “With no further ado, bow”

time ago

Hamlet. He asked “to be or not to be”. Inspiration for countless others. Tragic that role model. Hero? And then Thursday rolled in storm clouds boiling over. There have been two suicides in my family. Both impacted me deeply. Too deeply. Then Thursday rolled in and the rain started falling. The lighting and thunder wereContinue reading “time ago”