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“You’re on earth. There’s no cure for that.” —Samuel Beckett
I fight against 
two diseases.

Covid has an ego
and you bow to it’s confines.
Fear is the last death of humanity
to be obeyed
and breathed as decay
to satisfy another ego.

Nature tames and destroys.

We often fawn over a bird song
but turn our eyes away from the blood
on an eagle’s beak.
That very beak eats
should it’s appetite seek you.

My mind is cruising around the mountainous thoughts rising. What are we doing? Saving our selves or destroying others?

I see this time in history differently. Many believers hope people will return to God. I see the fear pushing more people into the dark. Worshipping people who carry a motto. I see them birthing destruction far greater a war than all wars together. Not caring for others. Rather, turning inward and away from spirit. Saving themselves while blaming others..

I see the scenario much differently than most I know. The destruction of goodness to usher in a masked sense of security. Death wins again.

Author’s note. I wrote this at the very beginning of the pandemic. I did not publish for various reasons. Does it feel right now? Not really. I am hoping a conversation starts… I am listening.

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The road arrived.

Life is lived on levels and arrived at in stages. —Edwin Louis Cole

Good morning. As the turning of days and as the grass sprouted from winter slumber, I found myself at a point where I realize I can tarry no longer. I must be courageous and serious. I must be willing and full of hope. I must grasp every word that spills from my heart and wring them dry, until I no longer see the darkness inside. What then should I do when the light allows too much room for curiosity? The despair I roam within ebbs and throws me into oblivion. I must be willing to try and write what I set out to create. Even if I fail. I must no longer tarry as if my days are endless. Grey is as good of a place as any to either brighten the world with hope or darken it with tragedy. I hope my efforts will lift us to hear the galloping of freedom drawing ever near. That heaven’s promises of long ago will not cease to keep heads from drowning under the growing storm. I sense the road has arrived. I cannot deny my calling any longer. I cannot be a child of milk and cookies. I must be willing to learn and sift knowledge. To discern the day’s signs and the evenings quandaries. To be, is my last attempt at fulfilling my heart’s rhythm. The beating lasts but a few days more. I am ready to accept my fate. Let it be so.

If we fail
fail to see the wind
coming at the break neck speed
of a metal horse
on tracks,

If we fail
fail in our comfort
food, shelter and clothing
scraped together with goodwill
given as scraps to wild dogs,

If we fail
fail as foreign spies
on fellow citizens
drumming up grievances and rounding up heads
rolling in wooden bowls
we ravish our own hands.

We fail.
We won’t change history any more than armies before us.
We drip in mother’s blood
and scour our bodies of father’s filth.
We bury bones in rags
doused with our enemies vapors. And cheer.
Cheer our own demise as we beg for freedom from our own ills.
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Moth Wings

Dedicated to a faithful friend.
My eyes flicker in the light.
I venture closer
to find you quiver
pencil lines draw a smile
where my lips once drew life.

A beam shines behind you
me dressed in blue.
We watch our dance
in front of a door
hinged by crafted iron
while shoes fit for horses
don our feet.

We gallop off
to find refuge
in silk threads
and pray our faith shelters
a promise made
a few days before
the doctor diagnosed
our heartbreak.
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Thoughts: They Come

There are pieces
of me
shedding away
from dust we come
dust disarray.

The world
a bowl of fruit
of mind decay
while heart songs remain
to be sung everyday.

My desire is every person comprehend and realize we are ever evolving in our understanding of self. From the beginning, our quest is a time of search. The crux is we often get trapped in sick thoughts and dwell on personal failures and shortcomings. We feel ill-equipped to deal with those who harm us and then desire everything that is wrong in order to numb our pain. But time waits for no one. While moons rise and suns set, you can either wither or heal. I challenge you to discover the warmth of forgiveness. Live for that day.

I believe in agape love and ultimate truth. What remains relative is desire. Desire does not search for or find truth, but rather forcibly bends light, to pompously plop itself down on a pedestal, and demand its way. This is neither love nor wisdom.

So embrace forgiveness, the ultimate act of love. Forgiveness requires our heart to be true and freer than any other act. So let the new dawn’s clouds be lifted. Go run in the sun, metaphorically, and literally, when possible. Let the fresh air fill your life with found possibilities.

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Open the curtain -a little more

you dug your hand in, pulled

left -abandoned on the floor.

Not sure i believe the sun anymore.

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The Power of Grace

I don’t think i am one to have a loss of words but i experienced something incredible this morning. How do I explain the strange that happened?

When i logged into my Facebook account, I felt power course through my body. My thoughts loosened, years of silence were broken and I spoke up about ill-treatment from my mother growing up. Relatives have not replied. No one liked my multiple posts that followed, either. But i am at peace.

So, now what? What happens next?

I know many of my blog followers do not believe in God. Not now and probably never will. But there has always been a flickering light deep inside of me, raring to light up my world. The light was starved and needed oxygen. I have gasped and let in what i was avoiding. Life!

I confess, “No more holding my breath.”

I wonder if my poetry and thoughts change from this day forward? Have i been released from generational bondage?

I suspect I might lose followers. You?

Time will tell how permanent this change remains. How strong I remain in this universe; A world of mystery shrouded in history.

Questions remain. Who was that man who gave away hope and preached truth? Who hungered in the wilderness for 40 days and hung on a crucifix for three moons.

As Mary has proclaimed Him risen! I proclaim His resurrection lives within me. 💗J

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Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived.

Hardened hearts, bitter souls and broken minds, I believe, describes a large portion of lives. If you count yourself among those who have forgiven, moved on or reconciled, you have found the power and glory of God above all strength of men to counter evil this side of heaven. So live peacefully among enemies, guard your hearts and minds from corruption and seek reconciliation where possible. Where evil resides hand it over to God, be still and watch His mighty wind bring righteous change.


I feel a need to speak to what is happening in America’s election. It is shocking, but not, it is unbelievable, but it is not, it is extraordinary, but it is not, it is the end, but it is not if righteousness prevails.

There has been gnashing of teeth, behind the scenes, not of politicians, but of the American citizenry who have watched freedoms erode for law-abiding citizens. Riots in the street of those who have been victims of government rule, not pulling for themselves and speaking out for their neighborhoods. They have sat in squalor, watched squalor take over, and find themselves deeper in the hole. People have flocked to the suburbs, from the cities, because of crime and poverty.

I am not a student of history as much as I love history. I cannot go deep enough into the time after the freedom of slaves. I do know a few rose above the noise of the day but many more did not. They fought and won often. They fought and lost many more. Today, the power is in a person to become a citizen, obey the law, live in peace, find hope, seek love, find forgiveness, and somehow our society has failed to see progress. Today is the most divided we have been since Lincoln’s days.

I tried to find words of wisdom from Lincoln. I read Gene Griessman’s book The Words Lincoln Lived By, and wonder why there is not a class on Lincoln in schools. He is a man of honor and wisdom all Americans can live by. It is a shame we have squandered a man’s determination to make men free to have them slaves to themselves.

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misty words confuse
but as days pass
new meaning emerges

some speak wisdom
give direction
lighten paths indistinct

it is senseless to
ask “why” when
you believe in “where, when and how”

The desire of power in excess caused the angels to fall; the desire of knowledge in excess caused man to fall: but in charity there is no excess; neither can angel nor man come in danger by it.–Sir Francis Bacon

“prattle without practice” William Shakespeare, Othello




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Hope’s cloth

church is poetry. poetry is life. a life well lived. 

Hope is a glorious robe that graciously brings healing to bumps and bruises and peace to a war-tattered heart and mind.
Wear your gifted robe grandly!

Look to the future and entrust hope to new generations. She has but one King and He graciously sees her beauty, not of studded gems but works of heart that others hoard.
She wears her gifted robe grandly!

No person can tear the cloth of another person’s hope. Feverishly hold faith close to your chest with strength and fortitude.
Wear your gifted robe grandly!

Hope crowns the downtrodden. Life attests to ordinary men who we know as extraordinary warriors.
He wears his gifted robe grandly!

Peace, J💛