Sewn (reblog)

I dabble in photography and this blog i share (see link below) always satisfies when read, with varying ways photos impact. Click link to see work displayed. This particular post is especially drawn to me as a quilter, lover of fabric and the process of piecing together lives. “For over a decade, Sewn has taken shape fromContinue reading “Sewn (reblog)”

Thursday Doors – January 18, 2018

Norm 2.0 Thursday Doors I am amazed at the number of door lovers!!! This infatuation reminds me when I was contemplating names for my first child. No one had named their child Emily in ages, and wanting a unique name along with a poetic significance, I declared my first born child to be Emily. AndContinue reading “Thursday Doors – January 18, 2018”

Teeth. Dig In.

Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing. Dali Plans change. We say one thing and do another. Does that make us hypocrites? Liars? We strive and fail. Damned fools? Or simply tired? Today, there are no planned adventures until after 2pm (US Eastern Time), where upon we will venture out to St.Continue reading “Teeth. Dig In.”

Swim Against the Waves

For my lovely daughter. Always. And Forever. Wow! Yesterday was quite eventful. Not in a good way either. There is a back story to this story that unfolded shortly after breakfast. I was busy writing Christmas greetings to family and friends, realizing how few cards we had received this year. The amount of personal greetingsContinue reading “Swim Against the Waves”

time ago

Hamlet. He asked “to be or not to be”. Inspiration for countless others. Tragic that role model. Hero? And then Thursday rolled in storm clouds boiling over. There have been two suicides in my family. Both impacted me deeply. Too deeply. Then Thursday rolled in and the rain started falling. The lighting and thunder wereContinue reading “time ago”

Mirrored Reflection

I have been listening to conversations. What would others think of the words you speak? Imagine the reflection you mirror. Two  friends spoke, or rather gossiped together over coffee, “She only works part-time now that she quit her other job.” The other replied, “Really?! Why would she do that? She had such a great job.” “For her kids.”Continue reading “Mirrored Reflection”