Tag: fantasy


If i could trace the shape an image etched in mind -square jaw rugged garden of brown grass you speak to me -a desire of buried bulbs to sprout spring time -in hopes our lives would blossom.

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here, i may be absent but my heart beats faster stay longer let the rhythm drive you closer i will think of you in return. you. there.

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Morning musings

Leave me here Do not worry about me I like it this way Lost in my head. On occasion I allow myself this pleasure. I enjoy the voices. A friend who visits without knocking.  You call me crazy. I understand. You have not wandered this fantasy land. Brilliant colors and fantastical paths, of words swirling,…

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Pieces of her mind language stalking through the night whispers desire. Woman on horseback bow pulled back aiming attack. Husband sowing seed. Heroic silence breadth of gifts wrapped straddling the mocking assaults.

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