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Thoughts Unleashed

Midnight strikes the faintest heart

My life is carved
not into stone
but flesh of my flesh.


Have you ever solidified and made your intentions known? Writing them down helps. Going a step further and creating a vision board births their reality.

My greatest trouble in life is to stay focused. This is most evident in my writing practice and quilt-making. Heck, even my new found love of painting and felting, and my renewed spiritual life, take a beating from my scattered heart.

I love everything and nothing is outside my attention. Yet, if I am to be successful in my desires, I must align my head and heart. My greatest weakness can be turned into my greatest strength!!

How do you stay focused?

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Going through the motions

When your heart
lacks love for today
a mere shadow, chasing the sun away
close the curtains
ban the songs
people got in your way.

I remember
a time -certainly
now, not to be high
perhaps it was last night
the outline of a face
traced in the dust, aroused.

You wait for your ship
a turn around
right about face
float until the motion -going
shifts your head.
It’s this tread you dread.

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Double Vision

The windows acted as mirrors while I took these photographs at the Central Library, Downtown Indianapolis. The Festival of Lights tree was still lit as pictured in the second photo.

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Ascend (a photo challenge)


I would love to know what squirrels think, when they see a person walk by, who suddenly stops when they hear their chatter above; stop, dig, reach in, snap, stare and stare and stare. Move along… For any length of time, no doubt, that squirrel is surveying an escape route. But you must question why the squirrel said anything to begin with, if he did not want company?

Not to worry, I did not ascend that tree.

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Where are you GOD?

Can you see me down here?
My thoughts rise up to meet
you in the clouds.



So running forward,
I leave behind my faith.
You weep.



Stopping in my track
I look up.
There you show your love.

The quest for grace
can only be found
when I am nothing.

I am listening.
In my garden
I hear!

Do not worry.
Do not rush
faster than the wind.

Be still,

my soul!

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The place we all begin

Love is at the starting line
The place we all begin.
What waits for us at the finish line
Is what we all wonder?

For some it is fame
and others it is death.
For me I place my hope
on eternity.

The place I hang my hat upon
my knees bent in remorse.
For all the times I wandered
aimlessly, without a clue.

Yet, look within yourself
To see if you can make it.
The finish line is just ahead
And God is cheering you on.


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Remember this and forget that

Carousing through memories, I happened upon a dream of mine.  I recall chasing rabbits down holes and found myself on the other side of reality. Life is mysterious.

Adventuring through my mind, trying to piece together a coherent picture of what I want to be when I finally emerge from this caterpillar stage, I found unpleasant recollections. I thought I had become a butterfly many times before, only to find myself tied to my past. Since 1967, 1985, 1990, and then 2008, my world has been turned upside down and inside out. Those years are significant to me and like a mad rollercoaster ride, I hold on tightly, while I page through the files locked away deep in the corridors of my soul. I have been ravenously journeying into philosophers like Kirkegaard, psychotherapists like Jung, theologians like Francis Schaeffer and heroes like Corrie ten Boom, looking for answers. As I explore, I find myself questioning over and over again, tenants that I held onto as being the end game, to find the ante has been upped. My life is alot like a poker game. I have alot to lose but I also have alot to gain.

The Bible has alot of dreams to explore. I am looking to see how my dreams fit in with how Bible characters dealt with their dreams. Have you struggled with dreams and reality? How do you merge the two so life can move on?

Once you become a butterfly, do not look back ever again.
Do not allow ghosts of the past to come back to haunt.

Forgivneness is the ultimate ointment to a bleeding heart.