Week in Review: B&W

a path of voicesretrieve the warm clues scatteredyour time approaches I have never stayed with one theme on my blog for very long. This is my third consecutive week to post a “Week in Review: B&W”. Progress? Calm in my chaos? If nothing else, a personal record! 🙂 A week in review. A visit toContinue reading “Week in Review: B&W”

Thursday Doors (on Saturday)

Jeanne©️ time passes the grail rusted nails held against me squeaky hinges fail This bird and I. The eyes capture all. His advice? Don’t shut the door on seeing. Listen, and the mystery of life will rise up to greet you. There is no greater act than to love. Norm 2.0 Thursday Doors

Ive been meaning too.

Sometimes life expects us to make confessionals. My list happens to be growing as I recollect events that I am sorry for. For instance, in the midst of my grief, shortly after learning my brother John had taken his life, I stole a plant. A flowering plant at a local grocery store. The reasoning beingContinue reading “Ive been meaning too.”

My Morning Mind

I am scribbling away, trying to keep up with my thoughts. The coffee was brewing and the aroma had me thinking this morning. Again. Stuck in a corner with piled papers around my feet. Shuffling through them, I came across a Steinbeck quote. Lessons on love and hate. My mind wanders as I watch theContinue reading “My Morning Mind”

Winter Garden

sordid gazing globe friends gather round high noon hours now gone reflecting pools, moon aglow Mad King Ludwig starts the ball, whirling gowns, curtsy and bow. Wagner’s Faust resounds sounds of mythic status suicide pacts dangerous acts pertaining to the devil who but shows along with God a gavel. Rose petals shower the floor MargueriteContinue reading “Winter Garden”

Anne Sexton

I am reading again. The often mundane exercise proves fruitful. This assumption of ripeness, of flower blossoms in winter and February fruit to be discussed elsewhere and later, keeps me hovering over her words. Why I chose this, or any particular book, is beyond knowing. Or perhaps, since I had two copies of “Words forContinue reading “Anne Sexton”