Thoughts they come and wander

This is the sun setting over the huge rock in my yard. Hell, the rock is a small hill you have to climb and there is a perfect practice 20-25′ (7.6 meter) straight ascent to the top. The other side has ledges and you can scale it without rope. It is rather easy, with wonderfulContinue reading “Thoughts they come and wander”

Diamonds (Originally posted Feb 18, 2018.)

Please read to the end, even if you are not in the mood to be cheery!!!! I truly care for you… 🌟 Possibilities exist in every shiny thought. Never allow yourself to be squared in to a corner without a circle. Be adVenturous! Find a star and start running. Even if it takes a lifetimeContinue reading “Diamonds (Originally posted Feb 18, 2018.)”

Thoughts: They Come

There are pieces of me shedding away from dust we come dust disarray. The world a bowl of fruit of mind decay while heart songs remain to be sung everyday. My desire is every person comprehend and realize we are ever evolving in our understanding of self. From the beginning, our quest is a timeContinue reading “Thoughts: They Come”

Manger Straw

Some days mom sang me lullabies and i held my breathe along with her join the symphony of dazzling lights and ephiphany “I seen Jesus”. Her head would slump and her mouth frown in exclamation marks “child i have no idea what you talking about.” I would stroke mom’s downy feathers under her belly whereContinue reading “Manger Straw”

Sitting in the Back Seat

Who is the person known, but unknown a mystery to the mind. Our desires sizzle and sparks a rather dark world where my orange dot retreats and burns with hell flames, hotter. I once laid flat, in your car now I kneel at an altar. You say a woman glows as a sun-lit finch wovenContinue reading “Sitting in the Back Seat”

Portal Vision

Norm 2.0 Thursday 🚪 Stuff your eyes with wonder… Ray Bradbury The leaves tumbled to form a soft blanket around her worn out feet. She had stopped the lengthy trek into the woods, as she had made many evenings before, to hear the softest of sounds coming from the east. “Hello?” she managed to askContinue reading “Portal Vision”

Sainted Heart

It started as an earache which led to sharp pain felt in the middle of her body. The drip, drip, drip water is never cheap a clearer liquid useless so she drank from the rusted cup holding herself together not touching the wall but surrendering an interior ready to crumble. Keeled over the kitchen sinkContinue reading “Sainted Heart”