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Reconciling all things

Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived.

Peace dances with forgiveness
the two married, longing for a better world.

A self-indulgent message rings
go home, walk away from the hurt
speak no more of isms.
Staged mockery,
governments a murderous division.
Buried eyes
between pages of academic books
with rules and impossible mountains.

A strife born, to cause fissure,
leading hope to traipse a darker way.
A divorced promise,
walking, leaving behind forgiveness,
fetching belief in deceit.
The people call out in the street.
“Seek God’s Word
reconciliation, a lasting peace.”

The echo in reply is deafening
as the church walks away.

I wrote this for my Minority Reconciliation class this week and decided to share my life work with you. My hope is you are blessed beyond measure by my words. I hope they speak truth to your life. I am involved with social work in the Indianapolis, IN homeless population as well as dealing with diverse differences of meaning in our community. I have a Christian vision for justice, peace and healing which I know does not always go over well with the secular world. I am fine with multiple understandings if we can lovingly share the differences that construct our visions. I share my wisdom and heart freely and invite all to partake at the great banquet feast of knowledge and pray an understanding can forge a world of truth in the great universe of ideas. Be blessed this week.

Happy writing as always, J