lie under, stand over, peer inside answers what is it about burning… remembering and forgetting a drag on a cigarette pleasing… squeezing life from a stone Dear diary war is crumbling this peaceful way, children hungry for more than scoldings growing food -alone. She tells me a warrior child easily wounded, her soul cries forContinue reading “buried.”

All so personal

Taboo talk everything locked up tight. Everything about every neighbor he gossiped. Everything has been locked up tight. I wrote feverishly during high school years and burned the papers in 1998. The poems and letters from time I had rather forget. Moving home to Wisconsin, having lived in Michigan (UM-Ann Arbor), Connecticut (Yale) and NYCContinue reading “All so personal”

This is the world I knew

Not every kitchen has a window above a sink full of suds. Sweet pickles and canned beans Jack peeking round the corner of the house. The corn crib plum full for winter blowing in the door. ——– The Australian Cattle Dog thick as the orneriest pig tackled the tractor and won. Grandpa’s car is parked. TheContinue reading “This is the world I knew”