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My Facebook Rant (reblog)

I notice people of varying races like to point out faults of other races… and religion and sexes. So in my INFP Facebook group i wrote: Equal disgust to any person, regardless of race, religion, sex, etc., right? Because its great people talk … so next time you defend another religion, race, sex, etc., for…

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She turns on a dime, wraps you in silk, slashes you with her words. Her training in, the art of dance images, serene in your mind. Child-like innocence warped by the world, she casts-off, never to return.

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Angels around us

Sunday morning poetry. Church: words spoken to me, shared lovingly with you. My second chance to shape my faith every Sunday for a year. first glance I saw another angel and pausing i saw an extraordinary person Man is raw without thought. Sharpened by chisels scraping away to find the form layered beneath rubble. Refined…

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Dance of death

Darkness prowls the bend; death be way! Why linger? Old friend depart, I am not ready. My spirit wanders captivating souls. All are equal before you as they march to the grave. Serpent laces my mistress’s boot.

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The Ring

Have you seen “The Hobbit” movie? Or read the book? I have seen the movie but cannot find the fortitude to make it through the book. I cannot read nor write in such a way as Tolkien. In response to that movie, watching the Lord of the Rings seemed a likely road to take, since…

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