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Afraid to let you go i twine the words of complicated grief there was no goodbye never another hello and then i made it worse opened myself wide displayed before savage eyes killed myself slowly with little pride to show flames shooting higher than ever thought possible i sold my soul to the devil who…

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turn my back yes, that is what i will do can’t be the one to care any more the level of injury grows day after day and there is no possibility… purposely left my heart -abandoned i am hung up to dry led to bleed out you! learn to run away. Cannot shake the feeling…

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I became trapped in my own selfish misery. I once held onto hope. Positioned as a shiny metal object, glistening in the sun, it promised better days. I prayed to it. Ran my fingers over the smooth surface. Worshiped the image broadcast back to my heart. I learned that day about rust as tears flowed.…

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curling iron forge masked motives incinerate reach new thoughts, higher This was my evening, days ago. I burned every stick and autumn leaf along with left over wood from long-ago projects, saved for years in the garage, for those just-in-case chances we needed a piece of 2×4. Indiana is soon to be in my rear-view…

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My Monhegan

I am currently working on a painting My Monhegan, an island off the coast of Maine. Monhegan is a place that encompasses 95% of my spiritual thought while a mere 3 days and 2 nights were physically spent there. It amazes how much an impact the place had on me. A healing calm took me…

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Wide-Open, Eyes Shut

Thursday Doors – Norm 2.0 Fear this wide open space -exists to construct walls add windows and doors to enjoy the view. If life isn’t fragments what is the big picture? tears witness death storms wash me to sea tides say goodbye, evidently.

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Music Get me out of this Funk

Only way to survive the insanity is to turn up the volume. Dance! See you on the other side of the Moon… “Little Red Corvette” Prince “She’s Strange” Cameo “She Works Hard for Her Money” Donna Summer “Whip It” Devo “Nasty Girl” Vanity 6 “Maniac” Michael Sembello “Love is a Stranger” Eurythmics “Sunglasses at Night”…

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