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Drum Circle

A new experience presented itself within a community to celebrate positive energy. This was most of the group’s first time being together. The hour started with rhythmic drum beats mimicking the heart’s life force. There were 15 of us, each with a drum and another percussion instrument. This video is the third of four sets,…

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curling iron forge masked motives incinerate reach new thoughts, higher This was my evening, days ago. I burned every stick and autumn leaf along with left over wood from long-ago projects, saved for years in the garage, for those just-in-case chances we needed a piece of 2×4. Indiana is soon to be in my rear-view…

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the dewy grass clings closer venture towards her, hear this body sings blues Paris artist Mathilde Roussel explores the transforming relationship of nature. Look closer. What appears alive is really death.

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Breakfast Visit

1/28/2018 9:28am Breakfast Visit contemplate the day listen! cardinal’s wise counsel grateful, feathered friend What luck! Or is it fate? My garden has been vacant and overgrown; absent of all song. Behold! answered prayers this morning. Was this what i have been hoping all along? A visit from wise counsel, dressed in feathered cloak? I…

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