Stranded. Delayed.
she fears the dark
tightening noose
upon her heart
seen the pure, many a dream
of peace and grace and love.

Helpless. Penniless.
she imagines existence
with plenty a doubt
vision grows dim
acknowledging fissures
of suffering, faith, and clout.

Wisdom. Discernment.
acknowledging how
delay the skies
rain upon eyes,
clarion thoughts clear echoes,
soul’s chamber doors locked.

Beating. Crushing.
heart’s feverish pitch
hungry minutes ago,
years passing by
she blinks aside,
world dissolves before her eyes.


Silence, be still

Placid flutter of wing
Silence rode Winter and Spring
white ocean waves
gliding above trees
breathe in.
Breathe out.

Silence, be still,
her impossible will
a dress above knees
stockings and lace
a woman disgraced
seven times seventy-three!

Silence was anything but quiet
everything contrite
nothing was right
as she prowled the street
tangling the feet
of men who held honor.

Sever Silence’s heart
the women gave her
an unspeakable dread
doubtfully obscure
she rambled forever
breathed in. Breathed out…

Frozen glass shattered
and icy winds blew
the hearts of the citizens grew
colder, as summer approached
the children holding their breath
as fright became air.

Silence breathes in
and breathes out,
lives on the fear of the land
and would gladly resign
had the people inclined
to put the fable to rest. Forever.