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Personal musings unleashed…

Generations. To profess belief in simple faith and be left to wander the perilous gate… held ajar, wide open. The future bleak… shall the narrow door shut in time… before utter and complete destruction. Ideally, we all could get along. Some stronger. Others weaker. The problem is truth cannot be relative. Either murder is wrong…

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summer song and dance sunshine’s grace chose to do differently this time and place smile to spread peace life’s not a race set your clock to be one with the earth’s trace

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he says not your friend but he cannot fathom the depth of his words carved on stone “goodbye” my weakest point and i tremble at being alone even in my happiness tears well knowing he is gone —– I sincerely hope he finds what he is seeking. What he believes he needs. 😚😇

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Me Mock Myself!

My! i love this… I have Vidur’s book of poems… go find a copy. Read it when your stressed and unsure of your surroundings. Let his gentle voice calm your nerves. Thanks Vidur! ❤️❤️❤️ — Read on vidursahdev.wordpress.com/2018/08/04/me-mock-myself/

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pushing my feet can feel ground head in the clouds i will rise to fly paradise

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let me work longer dig deeper shallow graves hide secrets before unseen walked blind amongst thorns senses perceive danger lurks breath heard and held longer days shorter nights hell descends

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share your smile let your voice carry in silence, your whisper burns in to my heart i bury my life with you saw the sun shine through the winds… feel them blow around us and we twirl twirl until our wings no longer fly… certainly no poem is ever finished… at least not until i…

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personal musings unleashed.

thoughts from mid June 2018 As of late i have been thinking. Endlessly the wheel rotates and nothing new is generated. My therapist called it rumination. And typically rumination has led to increased anxiety. My anxiety is spiked. Last weekend i ran to the White Mountains. Last night i ran to Prospect Hill, to watch…

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rather distant we no longer speak God and i broke up last night silence spoke for me tears to cleanse the past futile my arms too short to reach wrongs committed by closeness pain hurts when joined by love. peace and joy…

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