I Spy: Bookshelves

Fading friends stand proud erect with broken spine on wooden ledges missing inventory taking count this civil story of war and peace in all man’s glory of whitened sheets of mass hiss moan and groan these prayers to burn in oaken coals brightly lit for all to see man’s misery and forged history.


i was tagged by GuyorBloke to Three Quotes/Three Days and happy to participate. Day Two. And then there was history to contend. Reapply the medicine. Time does heal the sorrow wedged in the cracks. Dig it out. The crusted debris. Tame the queazy stomach. can’t quit you/so easy Day Three is ahead…


Access life as if, before the storm, no longer remains. Let me know mold me in your image pull the strings sewn into my back i live to please you in this moment watch the stars dance in this night of black How can we experience triumph? Theodicy is an intellectual understanding of suffering. TheContinue reading “Transformation”

Here at last

Sigh. We finally made it to Boston! Well, on Wednesday we did. I have been wakened from a deep slumber. It may have been a slow emerging but the move was not a gentle stirring. My life as i knew it has drastically shifted. I believe for the better. While it seriously has been difficultContinue reading “Here at last”

Rock Solid (944+miles and at day three and four)

West Virginia is beautiful. John Denver talks about the vistas in Take Me Home, Country Roads, the Blue Ridge Mountains a heart’s oasis. Dinner was delicious at the Iron Horse Tavern, Morgantown WV, with a Huell Babineaux from Bad Shepherd Brewing in Charleston WV. I enjoyed Wild Mushroom Pierogis and the absolute best tomato soupContinue reading “Rock Solid (944+miles and at day three and four)”


Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well-lived. word orgies leave us naked empty days and nights your feasting strips humility scraps of audacity linger-longer recognize Christ? Standing outside, admiring Joan Miro’s outdoor sculpture… Miro’s Chicago we were invited into The Chicago Temple by a passerby. It was absolutely beautiful inside. Ornate wood andContinue reading “Raped”

eyes have seen the light

eyes have seen the light, charcoal, 2015 (original photographed and edited) a once cited story history has declared to us her story matters. now!

Norm 2.0 Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors – January 25, 2018 Coca-Cola Bottling Company 858-868 Massachusetts Ave. Indianapolis Indiana Circa 1931 The day I visited Indy Reads Books bookstore in the Chatham Arch Historic District, I spotted this gem waiting to be photographed. Using my IPhone 7 camera, with limited time, I managed to take a few shots. Being curious,Continue reading “Norm 2.0 Thursday Doors”