Let’s pretend


Imaginative play boosts a child’s confidence.

 The other day, while waiting for a doctor appointment, a mom and her little girl walked in the door. The little girl was holding a basket. It was an empty basket. When the mom was ready to talk to the receptionist, the little girl chimed in “What can I do without my teddy?” Her mom said “Lots of stuff.” She continued to ask the same question, over and over.

The little girl was wondering about “stuff”. What fills an empty basket? How can we learn to be ourselves? Who will we meet along the way and how will they respond to us?

Oceans of words
and worlds to explore
and I choose to stay
behind the  door
where I feel safe
and warm beside
my wonderful mother
who will rock me tonight.

Deep in the waters
an enemy lurks
waiting to find me
and teddy too.
I wonder how daddy will do?
Listen to the story.
A happy heart,
a gleaming smile,
a soul of wonderful thoughts,
brings magic to light up the world!©